Autumn Acorn Craft

Being a stay at home mom, I go on A LOT of walks. We go at least once a day if not more when the weather allows. We have multiple walk then play meetups a week. Walking is a BIG part of our activities. When it’s just the girls and me walking, Ella and I like to talk about what we see and hear. In the last 2 months as the weather has changed, she has been eager to scope out the changing colors in the leaves, then sad to see them falling, and then ecstatic to discover ACORNS!

She is constantly bringing home as many acorns as her tiny hands can carry or that she can beg me into holding for her. They have been building up in a pile on the back porch, and attracting squirrels. I HATE squirrels. So last night I decided we would start using them for, well, something.

First up… ACORN PAINTING ART! Sort of like found art but instead of the acorns being the art, they helped make the art!


  • acorn
  • shoe-box
  • paper
  • paint
  • tape


  1. cut paper to fit box and place inside of box
  2. put several dollops of paint on the paper in the box
  3. toss the acorns in the box (The kids enjoyed this!)
  4. Close and tape the lid shut
  5. SHAKE! RATTLE! and ROLL!! Those acorns around the box!



Spin Art: Two Ways to Paint Spinning Fun!

My older daughter, Ella, is currently obsessed with all things paint. Her attention span isn’t so great though, so I’m constantly looking for new ways to do stuff. Having more than one thing lined up at a time is also key with her. I mean, if I’m taking out the paint, I’m determined for the craft to last at least 15 minutes. So, today we did spin are two different ways.

We don’t have one of those cool motorized spin art things that I used as a kid at camp, although after today I’m adding it to my craft wish list. So instead, for our first go at spin art, we used my salad spinner. Yup, you heard me right. I cut the edges off a paper plate, dropped some globs of paint on it, and we spun spun spun. They turned out ok, but I think we need thinner paint, and more paint in the future. I’ll probably experiment on my own and let you all know what I think needs to be changed.

For our second spin art craft, I went with a technique I’ve seen in a few different places. I taped a piece of paper to the floor, then flipped a paper plate over and dropped some paint blobs on the back. I flipped it over on the paper and showed Ella how to spin it in a circle. the results were pretty nice and she enjoyed it enough to give it a go with a second set of colors!

Messy Fun for Kids of all Ages

My kids are always in the mood for messy fun, so when I was cruising Pinterest and stumbled upon a wet and colorful experiment I knew it was a winner.

Silky Water

Needed Items

  • 1.5-2 cups Corn Starch
  • 1 cup Water
  • Washable paint or food coloring
  • Cookie Sheet with a tall edge


1. Mix water and corn starch in a large bowl

2. Pour into pan and allow your child/children to run their fingers through the silky water.

* Talk with your little ones about how it feels. The corn starch gives the water a bit of structure and allows you to create paths in the water. *

3. Drop about a 1/2 tsp of watered down washable paint or a couple of drops of food coloring of differnt colors into the silky water. Allow the children to  swirl the colors and see how they stay seperate for a while.

* If you are so inclined, you can have a second pan of just water set up to show how the colors mix together almost instantly in the regular water v. the silky water. *

As you can see, the kids all had a blast! These are children ranging in age from 7 months to 4 years old, so it really is an all ages activity. That’s even my hand you see playing in there!