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So sorry for the delay! Between Kristin being an incredible and working to help those in her area that were devastated by Sandy, and my big little getting sick… we’re a touch behind at We Don’t Need Sleep.

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It’s Ok Thursday!

A new link up I’m excited to join this week!

Its Ok Thursdays


It’s ok..

… to go out with the girls for froyo without taking MY girls.

… to stop for an order of fries and hot cocoa at McDonald’s after dinner.

… to have a sink full of dishes and go to bed anyways.

… to pop in a movie for the kiddos in the morning so I can doze on the floor.

… to not plan out a million meals at one time.

… that my children have been in pj’s most of the week.

… that Thanksgiving is a week away and I’ve done NOTHING to prep.

… that I’m already thinking about my soon to be 3 year old’s birthday and I still have to get through Christmas.

… that my one year old still nurses to sleep.

… that my almost three year old still nurses, have a problem with that? Too bad.

… to not want to go on play dates all the time.

… to be both sad and excited to move at the same time.

… that I’ve been singing Christmas songs to the girls for the last 2 weeks.

… that I’m excited for the new toys the girls are getting for Christmas, because I want to play with them!


My Daughter The Civil Rights Activist

I’ve always been very interested in our government and the process by which we select our governing official. So, it should come as no surprise to me and those who know me that my daughter is as well. I just don’t think anyone expected it to come in to play at such a young age.

Last Thursday we had to run an errand. The place we had to go was right next to the voting registration office, an early voter location. Ella was curious to know why there were so many people in line outside. I told her they were there to vote. “What’s vote?” Asked my ever inquisitive two year old. I explained that voting was how a group of people could make a decision about something. I used the following example: More

Autumn Acorn Craft

Being a stay at home mom, I go on A LOT of walks. We go at least once a day if not more when the weather allows. We have multiple walk then play meetups a week. Walking is a BIG part of our activities. When it’s just the girls and me walking, Ella and I like to talk about what we see and hear. In the last 2 months as the weather has changed, she has been eager to scope out the changing colors in the leaves, then sad to see them falling, and then ecstatic to discover ACORNS!

She is constantly bringing home as many acorns as her tiny hands can carry or that she can beg me into holding for her. They have been building up in a pile on the back porch, and attracting squirrels. I HATE squirrels. So last night I decided we would start using them for, well, something.

First up… ACORN PAINTING ART! Sort of like found art but instead of the acorns being the art, they helped make the art!


  • acorn
  • shoe-box
  • paper
  • paint
  • tape


  1. cut paper to fit box and place inside of box
  2. put several dollops of paint on the paper in the box
  3. toss the acorns in the box (The kids enjoyed this!)
  4. Close and tape the lid shut
  5. SHAKE! RATTLE! and ROLL!! Those acorns around the box!


Breakfast Cake!

I  had seen several pins on Pinterest for baking pancakes and this morning was as good as any to whip up my own. Using a basic pancake recipe plus a bit of extra baking powder I easily made up what will now be a breakfast staple around here!


3/4 cup milk
2 T. melted butter
1 large egg
2 T. sugar
1 cup flour
2 t. baking powder
1/4 t. salt


Lightly grease an 8×8 baking dish. I used a glass one and it worked wonderfully. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

In a large mixing bowl beat milk, melted butter, and egg until combined. Add in sugar. Slowly mix in flour. Add in Baking Powder and salt combining until just mixed. Be careful on the last step as you don’t want to over mix and end up with chewy cake.

Pour into an 8×8 greased pan and bake at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes.

Slice and add syrup and butter to taste. MMMMM. Good!

DIM (Did it myself): Baby Doll Carrier

I had a friend request a baby doll carrier for her daughter to give as a new sibling gift. I had already been toying with the idea of making one for another friend’s daughter’s birthday gift, so this was all the nudge I needed.

Today I dug into my fabric stash and found a large (5 yards!!) amount of pink/mauve corduroy.  I decided that would do for a trial fabric and set to work. I DID NOT photograph what I was doing as I really didn’t know how it would turn out. Well, it turned out pretty well if I say so myself!

Would you like me to do a tutorial on this?? Tell me in a comment below!!

Fall Wall Art Freebie!

Since Kristin went back to work, things have been a bit slow around here and for that I apologize!  I’m not as good at getting fun giveaways as she is, although I do I have 2 of them coming up in the next month or so. So, to say thank you for continuing to come check on us, and for just being the awesome blog fans you are, I’ve got a fun printable freebie for you! I just made this to print and put in a frame over my mantel, so I thought I would share! If you like it, be sure to let me know over on my graphic design page, Deegan Designs,  on Facebook. This is the first like this I’ve done, but now I’m addicted and will be making more for the rest of the year!


Deegan Designs Fall 2012 Printable
Enjoy the freebie!


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