Rendezvous Sweets Winner

So sorry for the delay! Between Kristin being an incredible and working to help those in her area that were devastated by Sandy, and my big little getting sick… we’re a touch behind at We Don’t Need Sleep.

Wait no longer! The winner has been selected by random draw over at

CONGRATULATIONS SARAH P!!! Please send us a private message over on our FB page with your address and we will send it along to Rendezvous Sweets!


It’s Ok Thursday!

A new link up I’m excited to join this week!

Its Ok Thursdays


It’s ok..

… to go out with the girls for froyo without taking MY girls.

… to stop for an order of fries and hot cocoa at McDonald’s after dinner.

… to have a sink full of dishes and go to bed anyways.

… to pop in a movie for the kiddos in the morning so I can doze on the floor.

… to not plan out a million meals at one time.

… that my children have been in pj’s most of the week.

… that Thanksgiving is a week away and I’ve done NOTHING to prep.

… that I’m already thinking about my soon to be 3 year old’s birthday and I still have to get through Christmas.

… that my one year old still nurses to sleep.

… that my almost three year old still nurses, have a problem with that? Too bad.

… to not want to go on play dates all the time.

… to be both sad and excited to move at the same time.

… that I’ve been singing Christmas songs to the girls for the last 2 weeks.

… that I’m excited for the new toys the girls are getting for Christmas, because I want to play with them!


My Daughter The Civil Rights Activist

I’ve always been very interested in our government and the process by which we select our governing official. So, it should come as no surprise to me and those who know me that my daughter is as well. I just don’t think anyone expected it to come in to play at such a young age.

Last Thursday we had to run an errand. The place we had to go was right next to the voting registration office, an early voter location. Ella was curious to know why there were so many people in line outside. I told her they were there to vote. “What’s vote?” Asked my ever inquisitive two year old. I explained that voting was how a group of people could make a decision about something. I used the following example: More

It’s O’s First Birthday, Charlie Brown!

First, let me apologize for this very delayed post.  O turned one about three weeks ago, but we then had a minor crisis and a major crisis back to back:  first, O had an allergic reaction to an antibiotic and nearly wound up in the ER (minor crisis), and in the midst of recouping from this we were hit hard by Hurricane Sandy.  Long Island has been hit hard by it, and I’ve been participating in a lot of charity events to help raise money to support those in need (check my Etsy shop for some Long Island items that are up for sale with proceeds benefitting hurricane relief programs).  We were very fortunate to escape unscathed (despite many days without power or heat, school shutting down because of damage, family who lost a lot of personal effects… all told, we’re alive).  For now, we’re holding up though, and it’s high time I shared a bit about O’s 1st birthday!

I made a lot of the decor myself (I’ll post some of those pics another time), but I outsourced two things:  the cake (I had lofty goals and not nearly enough time or skill, despite my love of baking) and the cake pops.  While they seem incredibly easy, it turns out they are SO not! I’ve tried a handful of times and they are just… well, ugly.  Thank goodness I found Monica from Rendezvous Sweets on Etsy!  Her cake pops were so cute and tasty looking, it was one of the best decisions I made to have her make the pops.  She sent me two dozen delicious cake pops designed to fit O’s party theme: It’s O’s Birthday, Charlie Brown!  One dozen of them were cute little pumpkins, complete with pretzel sticks for stems, and the other dozen were actually Charlie Brown! My guests loved them and absolutely devoured them (after admiring their cuteness, of course).  She even through in samples of her chocolate covered marshmallows, pretzels and Oreos (mmmm yes please!.. don’t tell my guests- I ate those and didn’t put them out for the party!).  I made stands for her cake pops using metal tins from the Target dollar spot and vinyl decals.  I glued round foam balls to the bottoms of the tins, pressed the cake pop sticks in and then added green tissue paper in between for a grassy effect.  Voila!

Take a look:

Rendezvous Sweets cake pops

Cake pops by Rendezvous Sweets

So, would you like a chance to win some tasty treats from Rendezvous Sweets? Monica is offering one of our viewers a sampler pack of 3 cake pops, 3 chocolate covered pretzel sticks, 3 marshmallow sticks and 3 chocolate coveted Oreos! I hope you have a sweet tooth 🙂 Here’s how to win:

  • “Like” Rendezvous Sweets on their Facebook page (click here) and write on their wall that you are stopping in from “We Don’t Need Sleep”
  • Leave a comment here when you’re done and tell us what flavor you hope to get in your FREE SAMPLE PACK if you win!  The winner will be announced in the coming days, so keep checking back to see if it’s you!

❤ Kristin