A House Of Illness.

Two weeks ago my big girl, Ella, started running a fever and coughing. We went to the pediatrician and they said it was a virus that should run its course in three days time….

Ha. Three days my foot.

Yesterday was spent shuffling between CHOA and the pediatrician’s office. Both girls now are sick, and he was concerned that the virus might have turned into pnuemonia. Scripts for matching chest xrays and blood panels were written, first for both girls, and a long afernoon was set into motion. I was very happy that our doctor is pro active. So far, we have skirted the evil that is pnuemonia. The pedi sent us home with prescriptions for an agressive course of antibiotics, steroid inhailers, and direction to continue with Robitussin and Advil to treat the gunk and fever and make the girls more comfortable.

Night one of medicine went smoothly. I bought stickers for Ella and every time she has to take medicine, she gets a sticker for each syrenge she takes with out fight. Hazel isn’t thrilled to be taking the meds, but so long as I have it all prepped and don’t have to pause between doses, she isn’t too hard on mommy.




Here’s hoping we get over this fast!



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