One Of Those Run On Lists

Callie Mommy’s Wednesday To-Do List

  • Wash bed linens to get rid of sicky germs
  • Clean bathrooms (THIS CAN NOT BE PUT OFF ANY LONGER)
  • Mix up a batch of vinegar based toy sanitizer and spray EVERYTHING
  • Clean the carpet in the living room with the AWESOME Kirby attachment
  • Complete design for Hazel’s 1st b-day onesie
  • Order invites for H’s bday
  • Gather addresses for invites
  • Fold and sort and put away the laundry that has piled up while the girls have been sick
  • …………..

I need to try and get all of this done by the time the girls have lunch. Because I have ANOTHER list that I haven’t even really looked at of stuff I need to do to prep for the yard sale I want to have in a few weeks.


UPDATE: Well, as you can see, I didn’t get around to everything. BUT… I did get a good deal done, and with a sick baby in the house, I’m happy with things as today winds down. Tomorrow is a new day!


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