Quick Craft: Mini notecards and envelopes

I don’t know about you, but I love miniature things. Honestly, even the most mundane items just look cuter when they are small, no? I’m a sucker for small-sized items when I shop, too, much to my husbands dismay. So that makes me a big fan of the miniature gift card- those cute little 3×3 blank notecards in the “last-minute gift” aisle in most stores (you know what I’m talking about- the aisle with gift bags prestuffed with tissue and curling ribbon, where you can find an assortment of random last-minute gifts when you’re already on the way to a party? You know you’ve been there!). Why spend $2.50 for one little (albeit cute) card when you can make an entire set of them for that price? Keep them on hand for the next gift-giving occasion.

First, measure out a piece of cardstock to 3×6 inches. If you don’t have a scoreboard to score it at the fold, just use a pencil to make a small mark at the 3″ area and use the edge of a credit card or the handle side of a butter knife to make a groove. This helps make a more professionally folded crease. That’s it for the card! Seriously. Have fun decorating and embellishing all you want. In these, I added a simple paisley design to the front and a 2.5×2.5″ square inside for writing.

Now, for the envelopes:

Scrapbook or decorative paper works best for envelopes. First, cut a piece down to 4.25″ x 7″.  Flip the paper nice side down and put the 7″ side along the top of your score board.  Make a score mark at 1″ and another at 4.25″.



Next, flip your paper around 90 degrees so the shorter edge is at the top.  Make score marks at .5″ from either edge of the paper.


Fold down on all of your score lines to ‘sharpen’ them up and make nice creases.  Then use a pair of scissors to cut away the rectangles along both the right and left sides of the paper (when holding it long-ways like in my picture below- notice the X’s i placed on the rectangles to help you see which pieces to remove).


This is what it should look like after you cut away the excess rectangles:


Lastly, just add some glue along the tabs and press down to seal (but not the top 1″ tab! That’s your envelope flap.  Add glue to that after you’ve inserted your card, or a piece of double-sided tape with paper backing that you can peel away to seal later).





So there you go! I made a bunch of these 4 card sets with envelopes using just some scrap pieces of paper left over from other projects.  Tied up with a nice ribbon, they make a cute little gift, too.  If you have the time to embellish them for a variety of occasions, you’ll never need gift tags again!  If not, make them plain and add a small embellishment as needed.
Enjoy! Happy crafting,


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