Raves and Reviews: BondiBand Headbands

Okay, the jig is up:  I have to admit that my gym membership has been going to waste for… well, that’s not important how long it’s been going to waste.  The point is, I haven’t been nearly as active as I should be lately.  I justify it by saying that Owen keeps me moving 24/7, but the excuses stopped here last week.  I got my butt moving again- ever so slightly- with a jog, and then an exercise DVD with Chris.

It’s been uncomfortably hot and muggy in New York these last few weeks, so I picked a great time to start sweating more, huh?  What made it a little easier was the right gear.  I really like my Under Armour workout clothes but my newly layered hair has been tricky to keep up without a lot of clips and bobby pins.  All of that isn’t really conducive to workouts when you are moving around and they’re falling out on your workout mat, so I was pretty psyched the day my BondiBand headband arrived in the mail.  One of the girls on our parenting forum suggested it, actually- she owns six! The material is made of lycra and is a snug but comfortable fit.  The headband is meant to wick away sweat, and I’m proof that it did! I know you’re dying to see a picture of me covered in sweat as the proof, right?  Not a chance.  Here’s one from their website, Bondiband.com:


The company was gracious enough to send me a headband to sample after I reached out to them requesting one as a prize for a contest on our parenting board.  I got the black headband with green shamrocks (Irish pride!).  Here’s what they have to say on their website about how effective their material is:

“Wicking fabrics draw moisture away from the body, pushing to the outside of the fabric, where it evaporates away… leaving you dry. Our wicking fabric is comprised of high-tech polyester, which, unlike cotton, absorbs very little water. (Cotton will absorb roughly 7% of its weight in water, our polyester blend only 0.4%)”

Ultimately I think it did the trick.  I’m one of those people who wears their ponytail too tight and gets a headache from it, so I loved that the BondiBand was snug but comfortable.  The material stretched nicely and stayed in place during the whole workout.  They have a huge selection of prints to choose from, too, that are all very affordable.

I have to say, though, that there are two things I love the most about this company: first, the headbands are made in the USA.  Second, they donate a portion of their profits every year to a charity, just because they can.  Who doesn’t love a company that is committed to keeping jobs in America and helping out the less fortunate? That alone has made a loyal customer out of me!

So, thank you Bondiband for the awesome headband… I can’t promise it’s going to motivate me to work out a lot, but when I do I’ll wear my new headband 🙂



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  1. Katie @ Legally Fit
    Jul 18, 2012 @ 08:33:06

    Awesome giveaway! I love bondi bands- I have a pink one and wear it while running all the time- it definitely helps keep the layers out of my face 🙂


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