Raves and Reviews: Yummy Mummy Cookies

I am a dessert person.  I’ve been known to forego a meal entirely and skip right to the dessert.  For all of the fancy desserts I’m fond of, nothing beats a good old-fashioned cookie, am I right?  That’s why I was thrilled to find such great cookies at Yummymummycookies.com while on the hunt for lactation cookies.  I love to bake, so of course I tried my hand at the lactation cookie recipes you can find online.  They were okay, but didn’t hold a candle to these delicious snacks.  I also didn’t really have much time for baking with a newborn, so finding delicious and good for you cookies that would be delivered to my door seemed too good to be true.  I was weary at first, convinced they would arrive tasting like cardboard.  Boy, was I wrong!  The best part is, they are not just for nursing moms.  They are packed with great nutrients that any woman needs, especially postpartum or while chasing after little ones.  I seriously had to stop myself from eating more than 2 or 3 a day (to really savor every package, I tried to exhibit some portion control… fail).  My absolute favorites were the oatmeal dark chocolate chip pumpkin seed lactation cookies,but the roasted peanut butter and dark chocolate chip were a close second!

From yummymummycookies.com’s website

I’ve ordered probably half a dozen times already, and I really think they helped my supply issues that I had after dealing with mastitis multiple times.  Antibiotics really tanked my supply, and my little guy is insatiable as it is, so we really had to power through this issue and find a good way to make more milk.  Of course, drinking tons of water (at least 100oz a day!) and having a well-balanced diet is the best medicine for low supply, but a healthy mix of the right herbs and supplements has also been known to help, too.  Check out the Yummy Mummy page from their website on the benefits of the herbs they bake into their cookies here.

Customer service at Yummy Mummy Cookies has also been a pleasure; not once but twice I placed my order and forgot to specify which type of cookie I wanted.  A quick email straightened it out and got a real live personal response within hours.  Ami from Yummy Mummy Cookies also generously donated a sampler pack of her cookies for a contest on a parenting forum that Callie and I moderate- how nice was that?!

So long story short… Yummy Mummy Cookies gets a big thumbs up from me! Don’t hesitate to order from them if you’re looking for a good lactation cookie, or even just a good, healthy organic snack regardless of breastfeeding.  Yes, by the way… they’re totally fine for dads and kiddos too (but calling them “boobie cookies” kept my husband away from them and all for me!).


Edit:  Here is a review of Yummy Mummy Cookies from Melanie, the prize winner who received Ami’s sampler pack:

“I had a hard time not eating them all at once! I got peanut butter, chocolate chip with Pumpkin seed and lemon poppyseed… They were delicious, not too sweet, had some substance to them which made them filling! My favorite was the lemon poppyseed with the lemon icing on top. That might just be my favorite because it was the last one I ate. Luckily I was able to keep them away from my family and savor them all on my own. These are definitely going to be a present to the next nursing mom I send a care package to. They were awesome!”

Thanks for your review, Melanie!



Welcome to our blog! We Don’t Need Sleep: The adventures of two moms and a neverending to do list, kind of says it all.  When you have young children, full time jobs, crafting obsessions that turn into small business ventures and a variety of other passions in life to keep you busy… well, the ‘to do’ list just keeps growing.  This blog will be the place that Callie and I share all of those passions with you.  What’s one more thing on the list, right?  As the title says… we don’t need sleep!

I’m excited to blog about the things I love because I’m a very classic Type A person.  I do a lot of research for basically everything in life.  Strange stain that won’t come out? Let’s see what Mr. Google has up his sleeve.  Boring dinner ingredients need to be spiced up with a new recipe? I’ve bookmarked several websites for that.  Most importantly, the last several years have turned into a practically full time gig researching parenting and baby related things.  If you looked at my search history over the last year and a half (beginning with my pregnancy), you’d find such things as:  morning sickness cures, what can I eat while pregnant?, safest baby carseat, best swaddle blankets, infant milestones checklist, how to make your own lactation cookies, how long can breastmilk be frozen for?, how to cure mastitis, teething remedies…. and the list goes on and on.  As a result, I want to share the things I’ve learned with other new parents, too.  Yes, before you ask, I do this obsessive research thing with other things in my life, too.  Imagine how long it took me to decide on all of the appliances in our newly renovated kitchen when I had to research the best dishwashers, fridges, microwaves, tiles, countertops…. you get the idea.  The upside is that when I come across a great product, I feel like I really know it well and am knowledgeable enough on it to recommend it to my friends and family.

After my son and husband, my other loves include being a teacher and crafting.  I’m excited to share fun craft projects and DIY ideas with you here, and if you’re not motivated enough to DIY you can always visit my Etsy shop instead 🙂  Callie will probably post way more recipes than me, but I do love to get in the kitchen with my husband with the iPod playing and whip something up together.  I’m the baker and he’s more of the chef, so maybe he’ll contribute something, too.

So now that you know a little bit more about me and why we’re blogging, I hope you’ll stop back in regularly or follow us and stop in to comment and say hello!